Try these Bible school craft ideas with your 2-5 year olds to teach the Sunday school lesson on forgiveness.

Preschoolers find it easier to grasp these abstract concepts when they can relate the idea with an activity.  Have the discussions with them while they do the Bible school craft and activities below.Bible School Craft Ideas


Ask the children if they know what forgiveness means. Ask them who is supposed to forgive.

Bible Story:
Read the verse Colossians 3:13.


Talk about the verse that you read. Ask them again who is supposed to forgive. Emphasize that we are supposed to forgive others and that God forgives us. Talk about how we can show people that we forgive them.

In order to help the children visualize forgiveness give each of them a small chalkboard and chalk. Show them how to scribble on their chalkboard. Then have them erase their scribbles. If you do not have small chalkboards you can give each of them a turn on a large chalkboard. Explain that the scribbles are like the bad things we do and God “erases” them away when we ask for forgiveness.

Have the children draw a picture.

Materials Needed:
Crayons or Markers

Give the children the materials. Have them draw a picture of something that they can do to show a friend or family member that they forgive them, for example a picture of them giving a friend a hug, a picture of them smiling, etc.

Show the Gift of Forgiveness
Materials needed:
Empty box that is gift wrapped

Have the children sit in a circle. Explain to the children that forgiveness is a gift that we give to people when they hurt our feelings, but it is something that can not be seen. Talk about the different ways that we can ask someone to forgive us when we hurt their feelings. Show them the box. Tell them that the box is like the gift of forgiveness. Have the child on your right tell you something that a child might need to ask for forgiveness for. Then have them say ask for forgiveness as discussed previously. Have the children continue to pass the box around the circle in this manner until the box has come back to you.

Sing I Forgive You (to the tune of Barney’s I Love You song)

I forgive you,
You forgive me,
We forgive each other,
Can’t you see,
With a great big hug,
And a kiss from me to you,
Won’t you join us,
And forgive too.


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