lesson for tweens about dressing appropriately

lesson for tweens about dressing appropriatelyWelcome to the final part of the activity teaching the importance of dressing appropriately. This final part of the lesson involves a Bible printable for the girls.

If you missed Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3, be sure to check them out!

Prior to this part of the activity, you worked with the activity sheet for boys (which was in Part 3 of this Bible lesson). Now you’ll work with the Bible printable for girls.

Follow the instructions, which include cutting out “headings,” “questions,” and “explanations” for each group.

After you split them into a boys’ group and a girls’ group, their goal will be to match up the “questions” with the correct “explanations” as teams.

Go back and forth between groups and help generate discussion:

  • Do you agree with that answer?
  • How does it affect your clothing choices? (girls)
  • What do you think you might change in your wardrobe? (girls)
  • Were you aware before that you can hurt girls’ feelings? (boys)
  • What are you going to be careful not to do in the future? (boys)

Bible Printable for Girls

Cut out the following heading and questions to lay on the girls’ table for small group activity. Girls should match up these questions with the appropriate answers.

Girl’s Heading


Girl’s Questions

Does my clothing make an “outline” of my body so that it could tempt boys to have x”ray eyes?

Is less of my skin showing than a lot of the girls who will be around me?

Is my makeup meant to spotlight my own features or change them?

Is my clothing in some way sending out a message that could backfire on me?

People have been telling me I’m beautiful since I was born. I don’t go out of my way to look sexy, but people tell me this and I’m really not comfortable with it. Am I supposed to ugly myself?

Girl’s Answers

If you’ve given boys x”ray eyes because you’re being thoughtless, it’s the same as stepping hard on their foot or saying something insulting. Thoughtlessness is hurtfulness! Saying “that’s they’re problem” is kind of self-centered and violates Christian maturity. We’re all working together; we all react when somebody pushes. Which question does this go with?

God gives everyone gifts. Beautiful looks just happen to be one gift that he gives some people. There’s a difference between being pleasing to look at and being provocative. Mountains at sunset are also beautiful; so are waves splashing against the shore and birds in flight. Which question does this go with?

This sounds almost selfish, but if other girls are more distracting than you are, then boys’ eyes will be distracted away from you. It will get you off the hook, and it’s a way to gage “modesty” regardless of what culture or city you live in. Make sure you’re clothes are not among the shortest, the tightest, the most revealing. Which question does this go with?

Girls who use makeup to either change themselves drastically or draw all sorts of attention are often really insecure about themselves or their appearance. A major challenge for them: It’s totally obvious to others. They can’t see that the thought on everyone’s mind is, “What is she trying to prove?” The best thing to do is go to a professional makeup counter with a
stylist or to a salon that does makeup as well as hair. Let them teach you how to bring out your own features rather than painting I’M INSECURE!! all over your face. Which question does this go with?

Note one exception: There are some very artistic kids who tend to think of the face as a pallet, and they want to “paint” it like they’d paint a canvass. This is different than painting your face to “make friends” based solely on appearances or attract boys for superficial reasons. Only you know the difference. Artists should be treated with patience and tolerance or they
won’t be able to develop their talents properly. Which question and answer does this EXCEPTION go with?

A lot of girls think they want to look sexy. They don’t realize that boys are attracted to them for reasons that can bring them heartache. Nobody wants to be used. If a boy is using you because he thinks he can get sexual favors easily”¦think of it like this:

  • Does your mother ask to use your hair to dust the house?
  • Does your dad ask to use your foot for a hammer when he’s building a deck?
  • Do your friends ask to use your mouth as a wastebasket when they want to throw out their gum?
  • Do you let your dog use you as a fire hydrant?

All these things are gross and disgusting, dangerous or downright ridiculous, all of which fit with being misused sexually. Sex without love and commitment is one of the most damaging things in our culture. People get used in the wrong way until their hearts grow hard and they no longer feel pain. If you’re dressing to be a sex magnet, you’ll be used. Which question does this go with?

Bible Activity Conclusion

Romans 13:13 says, “Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and not in dissension and jealousy. Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” Let’s ask God for strength and encouragement this week to act like the princes and princesses that we are! Girls, let’s ask him to help us pick out clothing that shows our royalty. Boys, let’s treat girls like the princesses that the Bible says they are.

A Little Looser + A Little Longer = Lots More Loving!

Do you think this tween lesson will help your students realize the importance of dressing modestly and appropriately? Why or why not?