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This very active Bible lesson, played in the almost-dark, will have kids moving around and also thinking about how God is like a lighthouse – a light we need to keep watching for.

Note: this lesson requires some darkness, such as the ability to lower blinds, though not complete darkness. If the room you teach in is completely bright, find another playing area like a corridor.


– Black t-shirt, size is irrelevant
– Two buckets
– Four pie tins
– Four sheets of newspaper
– Bag of candy
– Flashlight

First Preparation

To get kids mesmerized by lighthouses, if you have the technology, you can set up your laptop or notebook and let the kids watch the best lighthouse montage on YouTube (which unfortunately is not American but is extremely captivating) at three minutes in length. It contains some really huge waves hitting lighthouses, which symbolize God taking on our troubles and standing firm for us:

Second Preparation

1. Have a clear playing area of about 10 feet.

2. Put out the lights.

3. You are going to use a stretched layer of your black t-shirt as a sort of blindfold that will darken most items, but the flashlight beam will still be visible.

4. Drop the t-shirt over your head and pull the fabric taut around your face. Make sure most items in the room are blacked out, but the beam of light from the flashlight is still visible.

5. After the lights are put out, if your buckets, pie tins, and balls of newspaper are still visible, lower the shades more.


Lighthouses are a very big symbol in Christianity.

Does anyone know what a lighthouse symbolizes? The light of God that warns us and leads us.

Lighthouses have long been a symbol of the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit in Christianity. How are lighthouses like God? They guide us and show us where we need to go, like God does.

In real life, lighthouses warn us of impending dangers. When sea captains see one, they know they are close to land, where they need to be. But they also know that close to land, there are often rocks. Boats hit them and they can sink. Put the two buckets on the floor close to the end of the playing area.

There are often shoals, which are like sandbars, which can ground boats – sometimes forever. Put your four pie tins spread out behind the buckets.

Then there are shallows, which can also ground boats. Throw down four rolled up balls of newspaper, back behind the shoals.

Boats need to observe lighthouses, to tell them where the prize is – land – Hold up a few pieces from your bag of candy, but also where the danger is. Turn on your flashlight and shine the light around.

Our flashlight will be a little different. It’s going to tell you to go left”¦.move the light in an even path from the center of your chest out to the left”¦To the right”¦move the light in an even path from the center of your chest out to the right”¦ And to stop!

Have one student come beside you to hold up a piece of candy. Who wants to be the first boat? You are trying to get to the candy without sinking on the rocks or being grounded in the shoals or sand.

Have the first volunteer put the t-shirt over his head and pull the material taut around his face. Confirm that he can see the beam of light.

For the first couple of rounds, YOU be the lighthouse. If the blindfolded student needs to move left or right to avoid a rock, shoal, or shallow, move the flashlight in a line left or right from the center of your chest. If they need to stop, put your hand in front of the light. If the light shines normally, it is okay for the blinded student to move straight toward the light.

Students may act as “audible maps,” shouting to him as well.

If the student reaches you, he gets the candy. If he kicks a rock, shoal, or shallow, he is “out” and it’s another student’s turn.

Move the rocks and shoals and shallows around each time a new student is the boat.
Let other students be the lighthouse.

Since the Fall, the world is in a “darkened” state compared to what it used to be. It’s a lot like this room with the lights out. We need the light of God, shining brightly in our hearts, to tell us where to go and what to do.

The rocks, shoals, and sand are like behaviors or choices we can make in our lives that would cause us to “sink” into sin. Have you ever been tempted to do the wrong thing? Cheat on a test? Take something without permission, which is stealing? Lie about something? Let them answer.

These are our rocks, shoals, and sand.

When you feel tempted or peer-pressured to do something out of God’s will, what can we do? Let them discuss.

In Isaiah 26:3 the prophet states, “God will keep him in perfect peace whose eyes (or mind) is staid on thee.” Have you ever noticed that if you pray about school before going to school, that you have a less difficult time solving problems like this?

What should you ask God before going to school each morning? Lead us not into temptation”¦deliver us from evil”¦provide a way out of hard situations”¦

In doing this, you are asking God to be your “beacon,” your shining light, to keep you off the rocks and out of the shoals and shadows of life.

Think of a lighthouse and God’s light leading you through treacherous passes. In Psalm 32:8, God says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

God is our lighthouse, our guiding light. If we think of him daily, he can shine his light and let us know where we should go.




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