bible lesson about gossping

bible lesson about gosspingToday, we’re wrapping up the Galloping Gossips and the Headless Horseman Bible Lesson with a great group activity. If you missed the first two parts of the lesson, Part 1 can be found here, and Part 2 can be found here.

Small Group Activity Materials

  • Handout, Fighting the Galloping Gossips (below)

Small Group Activity

Using the handout sheet below, Fighting the Galloping Gossips, let your students practice responding to gossip using the responses that are suggested.

Fighting the Galloping Gossips Handout

Here are some easy responses to stop gossip before you upset the Lord, yourself, and your relationships with others. You donft have to make a big deal or be confrontational. They’re short. Try them them out on the gossip below. Take turns in your group reading the lines and deciding which answer works best. If you think you have an even better one, suggest it!

Answer #1: But I like her! (him!)
Answer #2: Nuh-uh!
Answer #3: Sorry, that sounds like a game of telephone.
Answer #4: Uh–fact check needed!
Answer #5: Wow, that sounded mean!

1. She is from a whole family of drunks, like, her mom and dad and both her big brothers have been in rehab like four times each.
2. He sits there behind me picking his boogers in science. It’s disgusting. (Note: From the seating arrangement, how do you know this probably isn’t true?)
3. His mom makes him go to bed at, like, seven o’clock! Summertime, too!
4. She thinks she’s all that. She’s not coming to my house anymore.
5. In fourth grade, he was still wearing diapers. Everyone in his class said they knew it because sometimes the smell would waft up.
6. She’s such a snob. She’s always giving me dirty looks, and she talks behind my back.
7. She canft even ride a bike! She’s got some kind of spaz disorder so her mom got her a tricycle.
8. He’s definitely the one who broke into my house. Rosa and Amy say they saw him take off on his bike.
9. That weird girl down the street from me is going into the mental health class for behavioral psychos. She belongs there.
10. He’s so huge because he got left back four times, and he’s like sixteen years old in the eighth grade!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD in Jeremiah 11:29, ”plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Develop a dream for you life and put that dream into prayer…then start planning. Having a purpose can help you start young to feel special as God intended you to. When your heart is filled in a good way, you won’t fall into temptation to use it in a bad way.

Continue your exercise at home if a great thought didn’t strike here!

Let us know how your tween students respond to this Bible lesson–or how you think they’ll respond! And if you like this Bible lesson, don’t forget to share it with fellow ministers!