repeat gods miracles bible game

repeat gods miracles bible game

Repeat God’s Miracles (Rather than ask Him to Repeat Himself) Bible Game

(Plus five additional memorization game suggestions!)

Continuing our segment on “Teaching the Parable of The Rich Man & Lazarus”, we have a fun Bible game that will reinforce the messages learned in Part 1 (click here if you missed it!)

Bible Game Introduction:

Here is a second important message that comes out in the last lines of the parable. Abraham said to the rich man that if his relatives who are still living do not listen to Moses and the prophets”¦ neither would they be convinced if they saw a real ghost!

Second message: God is like your Mom. He wants to tell you to do something only once. He is not a nag. He doesn’t want to repeat himself all day. God told us miracles in His word. He doesn’t want us asking him for constant signs.

Let’s not ask God for miracles to prove his existence. Instead, let’s repeat the miracles God has already done and see how many we can memorize!

– Have all students sit in a circle with you.
– Say the first miracle below.
– Have the student to your right repeat the miracle.
– Back to YOU. Repeat miracle #1 and add miracle #2.
– The student to your right should repeat both miracles.
– The student next to him should repeat both miracles.
– Back to YOU. Repeat both miracles, then add on miracle #3.
– Have the first three students repeat all three miracles.
– Back to YOU. Repeat all three miracles, then add on miracle #4.
– Have the first four students repeat all four miracles.
– Back to YOU. And so forth.
– Obviously, put your most pa=ent students at the end.
– If you have a younger class, you may want to stop at ten. Even with an older class, you may want to divide this game up into two sections, using one set of miracles now and one for reinforcement later.

1. Noah’s ark & the flood
2. Lot’s wife turns to salt
3. Burning bush appears to Moses
4. Red Sea parts for Moses
5. Walls of Jericho fall down
6. Sun stands still for Gibeon
7. David kills Goliath
8. Shadrak, Meshak and Abednago survive the fiery furnace
9. Daniel survives the lion’s den
10. Jonah lives 3 days in the belly of the whale

For further play, here are just ten of the hundreds of miracles performed by Our Lord during his three year missionary period on earth. As best as can be determined by scholars, they are in chronological order.

11. Virgin birth of Christ
12. Jesus changes water to wine in Cana
13. Jesus cures the demoniac at the tomb
14. Jesus calms the storm
15. Jesus raises the 12″year”old girl from the dead
16. Jesus feeds the 5,000
17. Jesus walks on water
18. Jesus heals the blind man
19. Jesus heals the 10 lepers
20. Jesus arises from the grave
21. Jesus ascends to heaven a`er being seen alive by 500 people

Offer lots of praise and prizes! Every Biblical miracle your students can remember may erase days or months of doubt as a grown person.

Here are some other memorization games you can play with God’s Biblical Miracles:

– Put each miracle on a card and have the students put them in chronological order (they are in order above).
– Say only the Bible hero’s name in the Old Testament and have students repeat the miracle
– Say “true or false!” then mix up the names and miracles.
– Tape a miracle to everybody’s back so they can’t see their own miracle. Have them line themselves up in order in less than a minute.
– Read the miracles, stopping suddenly. Have the students guess what comes next!


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