bible game hebrews race

bible game hebrews race

Students participating in this Bible game will truly have a better understanding of what the Olympians have to go through in training – and how we should be training in order run the races God sets before us.

Bible Game: The Hebrews 12:1 Race

Bible Game Materials

Eight Balloons

One rope about seven feet long

Two buckets at least a foot tall with handles OR traffic cones

One plastic tablespoon per student

Three golf balls

Duct Tape

Bible Game Object

Students will race over, under, and around the obstacles to see which team will win the gold.



Olympians sometimes train for a decade, just to participate in one Olympic game. They are running a race similar to the good race that the author of Hebrews is talking about in Hebrews 12: 1: “Therefore, since

we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” The Olympians can win silver and gold; We Christians can win eternal life through Jesus – but we have to train hard, like in this game!


Bible Game Preparation

– Place the two buckets about seven feet apart.

– Tie one end of the rope onto the handle of one bucket.

– Pull the other rope until it’s taunt and tie it to the handle of the other bucket.

– Blow up balloons with air not helium.

– Place a piece of duct tape about five feet long five feet away from the rope bridge.


Bible Game Instructions

1. Divide the class into three teams.

2. Have teams line up two feet apart from one another and five feet in front of the rope bridge.

3. Hand each student a spoon.

4. Give a golf ball to the first student in each line.

5. Have student place the handle of the spoon between their teeth and then balance the golf ball on the large end of the spoon.

6. When you say “Go!” the first three students will walk to the rope bridge while keeping the spoon and golf ball balanced in their mouths.

7. If the spoon/golf ball falls, they must go back to the beginning and try again.

8. Once at the rope bridge, students must roll the golf ball back to their team’s line to the next player.

9. The first student will then grab a balloon and lay on their backs in front of the rope bridge.

10. They must shimmy under the rope bridge without letting the balloon touch the floor.

11. To make it a little easier, the balloon may go over the rope bridge, but the students always have to go under.

12. Once on the other side, the students will stand up and place the balloon between their knees.

13. They will then waddle to the finish line, which will be another five feet away.

14. If the balloon drops or pops, the student must go back to the rope bridge and start again.

15. There are only six players allowed on the obstacle course at a time.

16. A new student is only allowed to be added after being rolled the golf ball.

17. The new student may not pass their teammate who is in front of them. For Example: If Player 1 is going under the rope bridge, Player 2 from the same team has to stay behind them and wait for Player 1 to pass under the bridge and start the balloon waddle.

18. Extra balloons are for the extra players on the course or in the event that a balloon pops.

19. Once a player reaches the finish line, they hand the balloon to you and sit down.

20. The first team that has all of their members sitting behind the finish line wins the gold!


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