Bible Game Great Commission

Bible Game Great Commission

This Bible game will illustrate how the Great Commission works, as the Great Commission technically began on the day of Pentecost. One person shares the gospel with another, who in turn shares it with another until many people have been “touched.” This version of shark/octopus tag will “touch” most every student.

Bible Game: Great Commission Tag


Students will run around the room trying to dodge the “Shark” and the “Octopus” who are trying to tag them.

Today we celebrate the Pentecost. The Pentecost is when the disciples were given the gift of the Holy Spirit. They took that gift and shared it with others who then joined in on the faith and shared their faith with others.

The Holy Spirit touched one person who touched another person with the Holy Spirit who touched another and so on and so forth. Faith was multiplied, and we should continue to multiply it even now, 2,000 years later. Right now, we’re going to practice our multiplying by playing a game.


1. Pick one student to be the shark.
2. When you say “Go!” students will start to run around the room.
3. The Shark will chase the students and try to tag them.
4. Once a Shark tags a student, they will drop to the floor and become an Octopus.
5. The students who are Octopi will then swing their arms back and forth as they try to tag the other students who are running around.
6. They may not move from their spot on the floor or get up.
7. Once all students are Octopi except the Shark, the game is over.

We’re used to thinking of sharks as big and scary things – but not this time! This time, we can compare the shark to Apostle Peter at Pentecost, who tagged people with the good news of the gospel. Then in turn, those people tagged others. Jesus said in the Great Commission, “Preach the gospel to every living creature,” (not that we share the gospel with sharks and octopi and hamsters and dogs.)  This week, let’s remember our Great Commission, to touch others with our good works, our kindnesses, and our love, so they will see God in us!


Will you be using this Bible game to teach your children about the Pentecost?  They are sure to love it, and remember the lesson afterwards!

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