bible game capture the flag

bible game capture the flag

This game will help students understand what it was like for our Christian ancestors to risk their lives for freedom. It should also help them appreciate what it’s like to risk your life for God and Jesus.

Bible Game: Capture the Flag


Two Small Flags/White Washcloths


Students will have to risk their freedom in order to capture the other team’s flag and win the game.


On Fourth of July, or Independence Day, our ancestors risked their lives for freedom. Why would somebody risk their lives? What might the situation be? Take answers: for love of someone, for love of a matter of principle, for love of God especially, because His rewards in heaven are great.

At many times in history, people have risked their lives so that those around them might be able to worship Jesus freely. Let’s pretend we’re them and we’re the big heroes!


– Game is best played outside or in a large room
– Place one flag in the left hand corner on each side of the field/room


1. Divide class into two equal teams.
2. Assign each team to a side of the field/room.
3. You stand in the middle of the field/room; you will be the divider of the field/room.
4. Have teams line up in a row on their apportioned sides.
5. When you say “Go!” students will begin to attempt to steal their rival team’s flag.
6. To do so, they must enter the other team’s side of the field.
7. When on their opponent’s field, they can be tagged and then put into “jail”; which is the left hand corner where the flag is kept.
8. There can be as many players in jail as there are players on the team.
9. A player can be tagged out of jail if a player from their team risks their own freedom to come over and tag them.
10. Both players then have a free pass to go directly to their side of the field/room without being sent back to jail.
11. Once a flag is captured and brought to the other side of the field, the game is over and the flagless team loses.


Each time one of you risked going into enemy territory, you risked your freedom. It’s very much like risking your life in war. When you go into enemy territory in war, you can risk being killed. But we Christians don’t need to fear. If we ever have to do something dangerous, Jesus can help us, Jesus can protect us, and Jesus will bring us up to heaven! Our greatest independence is from fear of death.


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