bible craft forgiveness cards

bible craft forgiveness cards

If Jesus could forgive so incredibly, then we can forgive too. This lesson in forgiving as Christ forgave is non-messy and easy. This Bible craft starts by requiring students to forgive someone. They will decorate a card with that forgiveness message, and at the end, you’ll go outside and release the messages along with the helium balloons. If you expect a lot of students, have more balloons, as a lot of messages could weigh a balloon down.

Bible Craft & Lesson: Forgiveness Cards Sent Up to Heaven


– Helium balloons on a string or ribbon
– Index cards
– Marks and crayons
– Hole puncher
– Light yarn or light ribbon


Pass out index cards


Jesus forgave a really whipped-up and angry mob. He forgave liars and gossipers. He forgave wimpy bystanders. Not only that, he forgave them in the middle of his torment – not before, not after. If he can do that, can we forgive the person who broke our phone, mouthed off to us in class, or stole our favorite piece of clothing? Think of someone you need to forgive. Write that person’s initials down on the index card. Write down the act that made you so angry or hurt or frustrated. Decorate the card with flowers. We’re going to send it up to Jesus when you are through”¦


1. Decorate the index card with the initials, what they are forgiving, and colorful flowers.

2. Punch a hole in the corner.

3. Tie a piece of yarn through and tie it to a helium balloon.

4. Take the balloons outside.


Jesus, we want to be more like you. We forgive these acts against us in memory of how amazing you and your forgiveness were on Good Friday. Help us to keep forgiving. Help us to know how close to us you really are, all this week, and every day this year. Amen.

Release the balloons.


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