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bible activity about empathyToday, we’re going to finish up the Teen Lesson About Putting Yourself in Another Person’s Shoes with a group discussion and Bible activity to wrap up the lesson. (If you missed Part One of this lesson, you can find it here.)

Small Group Discussion Materials

  • Bibles for those who may come without
  • “Putting Yourself in Others’ Shoes,” 1 copy for each student (sheet is below)
  • Pens

Small Group Discussion: Putting Yourself in Othersʼ Shoes

LOOKUP Matthew 5:45

How is the opposite of the statement also true? (The opposite would be that God allows some people to have less, even if they are just and good). Why is that?

One way that God shows His love for all of mankind (and not just professing Christians) is that He gives great things to people from all faiths and all walks of life. It shows that His love is not partial, that He loves equally those who even donʼt love Him. When it appears that someone has less, does that mean that God loves that person less? Why or why not?

When people make it into Heaven who have less down here, what happens to them?

LOOKUP Matthew 19:29-30

If we are thoughtless to the future kings and queens of Heaven, how will God feel about that?

If weʼre among those in school who appear to have less – small social circle, less beauty, less riches, and/or less raw intelligence – and weʼve been tormented because of it, why is that not really a bad thing?

LOOKUP Psalm 1:1-4

LOOKUP Luke 16:19-31

How do we become first in the kingdom of Heaven?

Help All Week Materials

  • “The Compassion Challenge,” 1 copy for each student (sheet is below)

Help All Week: The Compassion Challenge

We learned during this lesson and Bible activity that empathy and compassion work joyously all around. We make others feel less lonely and able to heal emotionally when we are kind. As well, we also experience a great release of joy into our own lives, which not only helps us, but helps those who live with us or are around us.

Think of a person in your school who has been picked on and may be very lonely. Pray for that person all week. Smile at them. Speak to them occasionally. See how God leads you. He may lead you to a greater friendship or to invite the person to youth group, or He may tell you that thatʼs all He wants and to find a different person.

Be cautious of two things while doing this:

First, you ought to pick someone of your own gender, as often being kind to someone of the opposite sex can flare up romantic feelings on their part, which can cloud the issue and, ironically, cause that person more pain than joy.

Second, keep in mind that some lonely and tormented people live with mental illnesses. Thatʼs sad, but itʼs not good if someone is “latching onto you” and following you everywhere whom you may not be qualified to handle.

Try to put yourself in that personʼs shoes every morning for a week. When you have empathized, pray for that person, asking for some blessings you would want if you were in that situation. Write down anything you want, including what you prayed for, what God led you to do for that person, or any ways you saw their lives improve by your prayers and empathy.








Do you think this Bible activity, done along with the lesson from last week, will help your teen students become better at empathizing with each other? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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