teen bible activity

teen bible activityThis blog post continues our How Teens Can Avoid Temptation Bible Activity. If you missed Parts 1 and 2, be sure to check them out!

During this blog post, we’ll continue the Bible activity with a group discussion as well as a handout that you can hand out to your teen students to help them combat temptation on a daily basis.

Bible Activity: Small Group Discussion

Break up your students into small groups for the following discussion activity.

Understand Our Self-Esteem

Is it wrong to go to high school parties where things can get out of hand?

LOOKUP: John 2:1-11
LOOKUP: 1 Corinthians 15:33
LOOKUP: Romans 14:2-3, 14-18

In answering the question above, it may help you to do a brief self-evaluation. Rank yourselves 1-10 in the following, 10 being the strongest and best, 1 being really weak. Donʼt tell others in your group your individual scores as you go along.

1. How high is your self-esteem socially?
2. How easy is it for you to say “no” when the pressure is on to drink beer or wine, smoke pot or cigarettes, have sex, etc.? (10 is extremely easy; 1 is extremely difficult)
3. How much time do you spend wondering what others think of you? (10 is little if any time; 1 is a lot of time)
4. How often have you done things like the five mentioned in question #2 so that others would accept you? (10 would be never; 1 would be often)
5. How strongly do you desire to be in a crowd that everyone looks at as “cool?” (10 would be not at all; 1 would be all the time)

If your score is above 25, you are probably safe at a typical high school party. If your score is below 25, you should probably hold off until you can improve your confidence and faith.

How can God help you to resist temptations that might be fun for a month or so but will hurt you in the long run?

LOOKUP: 1 Corinthians 10:13
LOOKUP: 2 Peter 2:9
LOOKUP: John 10:3-5

Help All Week: The Toothbrush Prayer

Teenage Christians have often joined in the same habit without realizing it. They say a prayer while getting ready to go out. This used to be called “The Mascara Prayer,” as it first surfaced by a teenager girl who always said it while putting on her mascara to go out. However, it works for boys too, and everyone brushes their teeth before going out. The prayer is as follows:

Lord”¦Be like my jacket and zip around me. Let temptations bounce off of You and rise up to heaven, where you can pop them like bubbles. Help me to keep staying me”¦in You!

Think of events coming up this week where you might say the Toothbrush Prayer before going to them. Especially when it gets close to the weekend, and invitations start to spring up, be prepared by adding them as the week progresses. Keep this list out, like on your dresser, where you can see it. Say the Toothbrush Prayer each time
you go to one of the places!

Class Conclusion

God did not create the situation with drugs in America. In fact, “high school” as we now practice it has only been in place since 1908, and the word “teenager” was not even found in Websters before World War II. Throughout nearly all preceding history, you were a child, and then you started working at adult responsibilities–jobs and supporting a family. A lot of what we have today is unnatural to humanity, but God is willing to work in it. He has never been stumped by what man has created – in any era or any civilization.

God can change hearts, change directions, change outcomes. God understands and is willing to go before you, behind you, and beside you wherever you go.

What do you think about this Bible activity, as a whole? Is it something that you believe your youth ministry students will respond to?