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All families need a place to keep their pencils, which makes this a great back-to-school bible craft to send home at the start of school. Eyes and a Scripture will help kids keep in mind that in school, Jesus is always with them and for them – but they need to keep picturing him in front of them.


– Clean and washed tin cans or discarded orange-juice cans, one for each child
– Construction paper: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
– New pencils, three for each child
– Scissors
– Stick glue
– Dark markers


1. First, lay your can on its side. Take all six of your rainbow strips and lay them beside the can, overlapping them so that the top of the red strip and the bottom of your purple strip represent the exact height of the can. This will let you see how far you have to overlap your strips when you glue them down.

2. Take the red strip and lay it flat on the table. Run a line of stick glue all the way across the bottom and across both ends. Wrap it around the top of the can and press to make it hold, making sure it is tight.

3. Repeat with the orange, making sure to overlap with the red the same amount as when you had the strips laid out on the table.

4. Repeat with the other strips all the way down to purple.

5. Using a dark marker, draw two eyes in the yellow strip.

6. Write in the purple strip, JESUS IS WITH ME AND FOR ME.

7. Put your three new pencils in the can.


Keep the can in your room, and you won’t make yourself crazy searching through desk drawers for pencils every time you need one. Turn the eyes so you can always see them. Let them remind you that Jesus is with you and for you in this big place called school. You only have to believe that he goes before you, and ask him to light the way any time you are confused or in trouble!



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