ascension bible game

ascension bible game

This Bible game, using a physical version of “Where’s Waldo?” teaches kids about the Ascension while also improving visual memory skills.

Ascension Bible Game: What’s Different?

15 objects from around the classroom, including a couple chairs, some books, toys, a couple jackets”¦whatever is available to form a mound of stuff.

Bible Game Object
One student will be challenged to remember and guess what is missing from the mound.

Today we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven. Jesus “lives” in heaven now, but still”¦He’s with us each and every day. It’s a mystery how he does that. You can’t exactly see him”¦you can’t exactly hear him”¦you just know”¦something is different. It’s like this game.

Pile up the 15 toys, books and chairs in the center of the room. Have the children study it, seeing where everything is and trying to take note of all that is there.

Bible Game Instructions
1. Pick one student to be the guesser.
2. That student will close her eyes.
3. You will then pick a student to pull something from the mound – either a book, toy or chair, and put it quietly as possible outside the classroom door or hidden behind him.
4. The class must remain silent; they may not give any hints.
5. When you say “Ready!” the guesser will open her eyes.
6. She will look around the pile and try to guess what is missing.
7. She gets one chance to guess.
8. To add intrigue, take a picture of the mound with your iPod. Allow the guesser to look at the original photo, then look at the mound after something was taken. Snap a new photo before anything is moved each time.
9. Whether she guesses correctly or not, her turn is over, and the rest of the student’s may tell her if she’s right or wrong.
10. Play as many times as you like, but use a different guesser/missing student each round.

Jesus is always with us in spirit. He’s as real as any object in that mound.  Just because you can’t always see where he is or feel him move – that doesn’t mean He isn’t among us. He is with us now, and he’ll be with us in body someday!


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