It’s healthy!  Apples, raisins, nut butter, and pretzel sticks are yummy together, and also provide a chance for you to talk about how much like ladybugs we are — and how God loves to protect us – in this yummy Bible snack and object lesson!


• Apples
• Raisins
• Peanut butter (or if you have allergic students, use Nutella)
• Pretzel sticks
• Thin knife or ice pick
• Serving plates


To prevent apples from browning, your assistant can put the pieces together while you are teaching or coaching play. It also helps to soak apple halves in saltwater for 10 minutes before putting them in Glad bags.


1. Cut the apples in half and dig out the seedy center.

2. Turn them skin-side up, and make a cut from the center bottom that goes almost to the center top, so that you can open the apple half a bit, but it won’t break.

3. Place nut butter on the raisins, then stick four raisins on each “wing.”

4. To place the pretzel-stick antennae, use an ice pick or thin knife to create a hole or the pretzel stick will break off. Gently slide the pretzel sticks into place and top each with a nut-butter-drenched raisin.


Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t kill a ladybug, it’s bad luck?” Ladybugs are considered good luck in some fun old-wives tales. And they are delicate and pretty, and we sure do like to stare at them, right?

Let’s pretend we are the ladybugs. That makes humans a little like God. Imagine him enjoying watching us, thinking how pretty we are and ultimately protecting us from getting smacked down!

And let’s enjoy the fruit of harvest — apples — and thank God for the sowing of seeds and the fruit of labor.