Fruit Bread Snack

Fruit Bread SnackThis fruit bread and icing Bible snack is a great way to lead into a Sunday school lesson focusing on the story of Apostle Paul getting caught at sea (Acts 10:27-28). Not only will you be providing your students with a tasty and nutritious snack–you’ll also be teaching a valuable Bible story.

Bible Snack Ingredients

  • 1 loaf of cranberry bread
  • 1 loaf of banana bread
  • 1 can vanilla icing
  • Blue food coloring
  • Coconut

Note: Other fruit breads will do if these types are not available, but try to have one dark bread such as banana and one lighter such as cranberry.

Bible Snack Materials

  • Platter for serving
  • Bowl for mixing icing
  • Knife for spreading and cutting
  • Plates for serving

Snack Instructions

1. Cut both cakes into bite-sized pieces.
2. Mix vanilla icing with blue food coloring until it turns sea-blue. Don’t mix too much; it’s okay to leave white streaks that will look like waves.
3. Put dollops of blue icing on all cake pieces
4. Stack on a serving tray so that the light cranberry pieces and the dark carrot pieces are mixed together.
5. Sprinkle the whole arrangement with coconut

Sunday School Lesson Introduction

To introduce the lesson by way of this delicious Bible snack, say the following to your students:

Paul told all on board the ship that they would be saved but their ship would be shipwrecked. In the end, it may have looked a lot like our “Shipwreck Stew” here on the platter. Let’s eat in memory of Paul’s desire to share all things that God told him!

Are you excited to make this easy (and yummy) snack for your children’s ministry kids? What types of breads other than cranberry and carrot do you think would be a hit with your class?

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