action cookies

The Bible tells us to love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves, and Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to do this. These “action” cookies, a gift for parents, will help students understand how love actions speak louder than words.


• Two heart shaped cookies for each child. This can be done with your favorite cookie recipe and a cookie cutter. However, a large round sugar cookie may be substituted.
• Red icing
• An ample supply of candy hearts that say, I love you, Be mine, etc.
• A 1 inch x 1 inch white cardboard heart
• A red ink marker with a narrow point

Note:  The teacher should prepare a sample for the children to see before they start the project.


1. Give each child two cookies—one to eat and one to decorate for the parent who picks them up at the end of class.

2. Ice the cookie with red icing.

3. Make a border around the edge of the cookie with candy hearts.

4. Have each child write a chore on the paper heart with the red ink marker that he or she can do at home for parents, like sweep the kitchen or fold the laundry. Have them commit to actually do the chore you write down.

5. Place a dollop of icing in the center of the cookie.

6. Stand the paper heart in the dollop of icing.


Do any of you know what scripture Matthew 19-19 is?

Let the children answer, then explain.

That scripture is “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Have any of you tried writing a story?

Let the children answer, then explain.

One of the first rules you learn about writing is:
Don’t tell ‘em, show ‘em, and I think that is the meaning of the scripture … love your neighbor as yourself. It’s one thing to send a Valentine that says “I love you”, but the words don’t mean much. It’s the way we treat our neighbor that matters.

How are some of the ways we can show our neighbors that we love them?

Let the children answer, then explain.

Telling someone you love them doesn’t mean much. It’s the way your treat your neighbor every day, and the kind things you do for them that shows how much you love them. Yes, it’s all right to send a valentine to someone, and it’s a nice tradition, but it’s far more important to show them you love them. And how do we do that?

Encourage the children’s answers about their chore until they seem quite committed to completing it.

So on Valentine’s Day, we tell people we love them, but it’s more important to show them by the kind and helpful things we do for them. Let’s all promise to show our love on Valentine’s Day by doing the chore that we promised.


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