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This Bible game will help children realize the need for patience and faith. They will begin to understand that Jesus is coming back, just like he did before. They’ll get a precious view of how we must always be ready for this day, because we never  know the exact moment it will happen.


– Average-size ball


Children will compete to see if every person in the class can catch the ball before it hits the ground.


This Bible game is best played in a large, clear area.


The Ascension is when the disciples saw Jesus ascend into the clouds with the promise that he would return in the same way someday. A lot of people were scared and thought that Jesus would never come back. But with patience, they were able to see that he could”¦and would! Today we are going to practice our patience through a fun Bible game!


1. Have all children stand in a large circle, and you stand in the center of the circle.

2. When you are ready, throw the ball up in the air and call the name of a child.

3. That child will have to run out to try and catch the ball before it hits the  ground.

4. If the child doesn’t catch the ball, then the rest of the class will begin to run.

5. Once the child gets the ball, he will yell, “Freeze!” and try to tag another child with the ball.

6. The child that is tagged moves into the center of the circle.

7. The game continues with either the original child throwing the ball up into the air or the person who was tagged.

8. The game is over once all childrens’ names have called.


Acts 1:11 describes an angel speaking to the disciples immediately following the Ascension. “‘Men of Galilee,’ they said, “˜why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.'”

Throughout the Bible game, you knew your name was going to get called, just like everyone else’s, except you didn’t know when. You always had to be ready, just in case you were next. What we need to learn from the Ascension is that we always need to be ready for Jesus to come back. We know it will happen just like it did before, we just don’t know when. We need to have patience and faith and we need to keep living our lives the way God wants us to.



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