the past is behind us bible game

the past is behind us bible game

It’s okay to relive a memory here and there, but we can’t focus our time and energy on what happened or what could have happened. If we are focusing on the past, we aren’t giving our full attention to the present.  And the present is what will help us prepare for the future. If we work hard and focus, our futures will be bright and full of even better opportunities. Dwelling on the past gets you nowhere, but concentrating on the here and now will help you embrace the future with all of the challenges and opportunities that it brings!  This Bible game will help kids understand that they shouldn’t dwell on past mistakes. As we face new situations, challenges and opportunities, children need to remember that they should move on, accept Christ’s forgiveness for all, and embrace the future.   We can’t ever go back and redo or revisit what has been done. All we can do is learn from the past and move forward.  Check out this guest post over at Faithful Devotions!

“The Past Is Behind Us – A Bible Game About Embracing The Future


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