Use our cupcake stencils and some sprinkles to make both doves and ship shapes on top of classic cupcakes, in this wounderful Bible snack and activity.  The point of this activity?  The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us on our journeys through life.


Add-on Dove and Ship Snack Stencils
• Black-and-white printer
• Cupcake mix
• Icing
• Sprinkles — the fine textured ones, as jimmies will not take the shape well
• Scissors


1. Print out the stencils for the doves and boats and cut them out.

2. Make cupcakes according to the directions and ice them.

3. Hold the stencil over the center of a cupcake. It can touch the icing in places.

4. Spread the sprinkles around the edge so the topping takes the shape of the stencil.

5. Repeat with all cupcakes, so that half are topped with doves and half are topped with ships.


What do doves and ships have to do with today’s lesson? Let them guess.

The ships look like ships that brought so many people to America. We don’t need ships to take our daily journeys through life. But we sure do need a spiritual compass. That would be like the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus said would guide us wherever we need to go.

Enjoy your cupcake, along with the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is right there with you.