3d hearts valentines day craft

In this beautiful Valentines Day Craft, children learn to build a 3D heart and understand the difference between God’s multi-dimensional love and our human love.


3-D Heart Template
• Colored paper or card stock (2 colors
• Scissors
• Stick glue
• Hole punch
• Thin decorative ribbon
• Beads (optional)


1. Print the 3-D Heart Templates on colored paper or card stock. Print Template 1 on one color, and Template 2 on a different color.

2. Cut approximately 12-16” lengths of ribbon.


Have students complete the following steps:

1. Cut out the individual hearts.

2. Glue the hearts with the matching colors back to back so that the text is facing outward.

3. Cut off any rough edges so they look even (may require the teacher’s help with grown-up scissors).

4. Cut along the dotted lines.

5. Punch a hole through the heart with a marked area.

6. Thread the length of ribbon through the hole, adding beads if desired, then tie a knot to secure.

7. Place the hearts so that the cut lines match up and the text reads “We love because he first loved us. John 4:19”. Push together to create the 3-D heart.

8. Hang your heart in a doorway or window at home!

Short Message

Our love is human. It isn’t naturally “unconditional” like God’s love is for us. Our love is kind of “flat” compared to God’s love. Your craft heart is more like the multi-dimension of God’s love. As we pray and grow, we can become more like him!Let’s remember to ask him to change our hearts on Valentine’s Day into something grand!