One of the most important ways you can increase Sunday school attendance is to create lesson plans that include a moral as well as a project.


It is important to start the lesson sitting down together, reading from the Bible or starting with a short story.

After you explain the reason for the session, kids should immediately be able to put their ideas into practice and move around.

To keep them interested, plan an art project or a writing assignment that lets them put into practice the new concepts. And as we all know, interested kids come back to Sunday school!


Let your students have fun with learning through the use of games that reflect your teaching. The game Telephone works well with a lesson on gossiping and the problems it can cause.

Have your students sit in a circle. Come up with a short sentence in your head and whisper it in the ear of a student sitting next to you. They repeat the message they heard from you to the person sitting next to them, and the message goes around the circle. The last person to receive the message says it aloud. It is almost never the same message you started with.

This is an excellent way to show how passing on second-hand information can get you in trouble, because you never really know if it is the truth.

Games like these will help the lesson stick in your students’ heads and make them want to come back for more.  And you will see an increase in your Sunday School attendance!

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