13 thanksgiving bible activities

Are you looking for Bible activities to teach gratitude this Thanksgiving?  Then check out our list of “13 Thanksgiving Bible Activities that Teach Gratitude”!  From bible study and object lessons, to crafts, games and science experiments, there is sure to be an activity for every kids interests and imagination.

13 Thanksgiving Bible Activities that Teach Gratitude


thankful abc tree thanksgiving bible activities

“Thankful ABC Tree”: A Thanksgiving Craft of Gratitude

The “Thankful ABC Tree” craft is a fun activity that can be worked on throughout the month of November. Children fill in one leaf a day with something that they are thankful for, and try to use each letter of the alphabet.  By Thanksgiving day, you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving decoration created by your kids ““ one that comes directly from their heart!

thanksgiving bible activities

Thanksgiving Sunday School Lesson: Trinity Apple Cider

Learn how to make “Thanksgiving Apple Cider” with your kids!  Not only does this lesson double as a snack, but it also teaches children the concept of the Trinity and Gratitude.

bigturkey thanksgiving turkey craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft: “Ball Of Yarn Turkey” Reminds Us To Be Thankful!

Sometimes we all get caught up in thanking God for the big things that happen in our lives. But our lives are basically made up of many small things ““ things we often don’t recognize as little gifts from God. This fun Thanksgiving turkey craft will allow kids to express their thanks for many things we all take for granted, and learn some scriptures verses while having fun!

thankful-tree-placemat-thanksgiving craft

“Thankful Tree Placemat” Thanksgiving Craft

We have a thousand zillion things to be thankful for. But sometimes it’s hard to think of many at all! The “Thankful Tree Placemat” Thanksgiving craft is a fun activity that allows children to show their gratitude in a creative way!

pilgrim-in-a-bottle thanksgiving object lesson

Thanksgiving Object Lesson: Pilgrim in a Bottle

A pilgrim made out of a tangerine in an empty milk gallon will help kids understand the journey the Pilgrims made to America in this Thanksgiving object lesson.  It will also help them to better  understand why it is we celebrate Thanksgiving, as we discuss the reasons for their journey, and the struggles they faced.

thanksgiving craft colord eggs

Thanksgiving Craft: Thanksgiving Colored Eggs

We often associate colored eggs with Easter. But with the emphasis today on Cage Free Chickens, we’ve not only got greater humanity – we’ve got eggs the color of turkeys. They make great decorations for the Thanksgiving table or sideboard. Farmers setting their chickens free is wonderful news. In this fun Thanksgiving craft, children can see how the farmer’s actions are a lot like how Jesus sets us free from the cages of sin!

thanksgiving tree thanksgiving holiday craft

The Thanksgiving Tree – A Gratitude Holiday Craft

“The Thanksgiving Tree” is a great holiday craft that will allow our older kids to express their gratitude in an artistic way, and also bring about a wonderful feeling of togetherness and thankfulness on Thanksgiving day!  With just some handmade ornaments, like fabric coated foam balls, paper pilgrims and Turkey’s, a small inexpensive tree that can support your ornaments – and even some holiday lights if you desire ““ you can create a beautiful holiday tradition.

paper plate turkey thanksgiving craft

“Paper Plate Turkeys” Thanksgiving Craft

This ole reliable turkey made from a paper plate is an easy and adorable Thanksgiving craft. Putting scriptures on the turkey can help children learn verses about thankfulness before this holiday!

servant-on-thanksgiving bible activities

“Lord, Make Me A Servant on Thanksgiving” – A Thanksgiving Object Lesson

In this Thanksgiving object lesson, we tell the story of Sylvia Serving Spoon.  She was just an old spoon, and she really wished she’d been born ornate and large and pretty, but all she got was used! Then she realizes that by being a servant, she got to taste everything.

thanksgiving bible game scattergories

“Scattergories” Thanksgiving Bible Game

This Thanksgiving Bible game will help students expand their minds when it comes to thinking of what they’re thankful for, and it will also help them practice some school skills, like thinking hard!

thanksfulness in a box thanksgiving object lesson

Thanksgiving Object Lesson: Thankfulness in a Box

 In this Thanksgiving object lesson, you can follow our model or make up your own.  You will put kids in a great position to feel thankful in ways they have never felt before.  With Thanksgiving approaching, let’s remember to be thankful more often and for even the smallest of things. It will make God very happy, and that’s the name of the game on planet earth!

thanksgiving bible activities

Thanksgiving Craft & Snack: Fruit Gobbler

Here’s a craft AND a healthy Thanksgiving craft and snack that will make kid’s eyes pop. It looks like a turkey, and it’s all healthy and edible. And”¦many of the ingredients in this melon turkey can have a spiritual meaning as well!

rock paper scissors cheer thanksgiving game

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cheer Thanksgiving Game

There are lots of things that we are thankful for. But some of the most important things can get overlooked.  Now is the time of year were we get together with our families and friends and we celebrate all that we are thankful for. This Thanksgiving game will encourage students to be thankful for all that they have been given.