10 Commandments Craft- Perfection Station Sunday School Activity

The Ten Commandments are as important today as they were in the past because they provide us with God’s universal and timeless standard of right and wrong.

But how do you get this importance across to kids with short attention spans and an abundance of energy?

Today, we have a fun 10 Commandments craft to share with you called “Road to Perfection Station”.10 Commandments Craft- Perfection Station Sunday School Activity

A piece of foam poster board becomes the long road that leads to Perfection Station.  The Ten Commandments are the instruction signs along the way as Jesus walks with us.  Creating the Road to Perfection will not only help students memorize the Commandments, but think of life as a journey down a challenging yet promising road with Jesus!


–    Road To Perfection Street Signs Sheet, 1 copy for each child (make yourself by placing the 10 Commandments on street sign cut outs or download the printable worksheet here)
–    White foam board, 11×14 section for each child
–    Thin popsicle sticks or flat-sided toothpicks
–    Stick glue
–    Marker pens, many colors
–    Scissors
–    Play dough (if using popsicle sticks)
–    Sharp knife or razor


Foam core poster board is available everywhere from Staples to CVS and generally comes in sheets that are 28×22.  If you cut each sheet in fours, you will have bases that are 14×11 inches.  Make one for each child using a sharp knife or razor.


1.    First, have students glue their “Jesus Walks with Me” start sign to one edge of the foam board.   At the opposite edge, place the “Perfection Station” sign.

2.    Draw a winding road on the poster board using markers to make side-by-side lines.  The road should go from the “Jesus walks with me” sign to the Perfection Station sign, looping around, but not so much that there isn’t room for lots of other stuff.

3.    Have students use their imaginations to add grass houses, a pond, flower beds, rock gardens, using markers. They can include stick figures of Jesus and themselves.

4.    Last, back the Street Signs with another piece of paper.  Cut out the signs, creating the same shapes out of the blank sheet behind.

5.    Stick a toothpick or thin popsicle stick between each sign and its blank shape likeness to create street signs.  Put them in place where they’re wanted, using small balls of play dough if using popsicle sticks.  You don’t need the play dough for using toothpicks, which will just stick right into the foam.


Closing Teaching Script

Following the Ten Commandments is like a journey down a long road.  They serve as warning signs as we go through life’s winding road.  Jesus leads the way.

But we get better and better at following him as life goes on, and the closer we get to perfection.  Let’s remember to always follow Jesus.

He won’t let us forget how to do good, and he will give us the strength, so long as we keep our eyes on him and off of the circumstances.


The downloadable “Street Signs Sheet” that accompanies this lesson is available as part of the 10 Commandment Lesson Pack. Inside you’ll discover 21 more unique, thoughtful, economical activities that will help kids ages 4-11 understand and appreciate the 10 Commandments.