Youth Sunday School Lessons – “I’m Sorry” Game

These are [tag]youth Sunday school lessons[/tag] on the [tag]King David[/tag] to use with all ages. It emphasizes King David’s lesson of repentance and the importance of apologizing. (Teacher words in bold.)

One of the reasons God is our best friend is that he always forgives right away, and he is very gracious about it. We know this. But we don’t always know how our friends are going to react if we apologize.

In our game today, we’re going to practice saying the words “I’m sorry!” The more times you say it, the easier it will become!

Have students form two teams and line up at one end of the room. You go to the other end of the room.

Students will have to race forward, doing the crab walk with the heavy book on top of their stomachs. (In a crab walk, you’re facing the ceiling with your hands and feet on the floor.) Students have to crab walk to you. Every time the book falls off, they have to stop and pick it up.

When each student reaches you, he says, “I’m sorry!” You take the book, and he runs back freely and tags his classmate.

What happened when you said, “I’m sorry?” You took the weight from us, like God would.

Once you got rid of that heavy weight, what were you able to do? Sail back freely!

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