Free Childrens Bible Study Lessons – Don’t Judge by Appearances

We can use these [tag]free childrens Bible study lessons[/tag] from the [tag]Book of Judges[/tag] and the story of [tag]Deborah and Jael[/tag]. This Bible story helps to show us how things are not always as they appear.

Bible Study: “Don’t Judge by Appearances”

Today we’ll be talking about how things are not always as they appear. We often think big things will be great things because they’re big. Sometimes the best things come in small packages. We need to be cautious about judging things or people by their appearance.

This is a Bible study activity you can use with younger children to teach the lesson–

Don’t Judge by Appearances

Tell the children there are two presents hidden around the room.
See if they can find them, but don’t open them!
They should bring them back to the table.
One should be very large and the other very small.
Both should be gift wrapped to look pretty.

Look at both gifts. You can shake them, but don’t hurt them. Take a guess  at what are inside.

Give the children time to guess to each other what each box contains. Ask them which they’d rather open—the big one or the small one. In the big one, you have put a crusty old bed blanket and some knives, forks and odd, boring things that will clatter. In the smaller box, you have filled it with small wrapped candy.

Have the children unwrap both before the lesson begins. Tell them they can eat some candy after the lesson.


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