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Tween lessons are important to include in your Sunday school or church program. At this pivotal time in a tween’s life, they encounter many subjects that can greatly be addressed by incorporating scripture and bible lessons as inspiration.

101 halloween costumes

101 Halloween Costumes that Teach Greatness Instead of Prompting Fear

101 Halloween Costumes that Teach Greatness Instead of Prompting Fear We’ve put together 101 awesome Halloween costumes that teach greatness instead of prompting fear! From historical pioneers to famous literary characters, this list can help encourage kids to dress up for Halloween as positive role models rather than ghosts and goblins. Halloween Costumes for Girls:…

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humility and forgiveness

A Children’s Lesson on Humility, Looking Inward, and Forgiveness

Lessons in hypocrisy (or anti‐hypocrisy) come hard for kids due to their self‐centered world view. Let’s ask them to chin themselves to the bar of fairness with this lesson on hurts and hypocrisy‐‐in a way that they can remember in the future.  This touching lesson teaches children about Humility, Looking Inward, and Forgiveness. The Hypocrisy…

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summer object lesson

Summer Object Lesson: Fun Doing Nothing but Enjoying

What does the verse in Genesis 1 mean, “On the seventh day, God rested?” We lose sight of “rest” in our busy lives. This summer object lesson using a bunch of stuff tossed in a pillow case will give kids a chance to reflect on God’s goodness in ways they may not have thought of!…

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real face of jesus ascension teen sunday school lesson

Teen Sunday School Lesson: The Real Face Of Jesus

In this teen Sunday School lesson, we are taking a deeper look at the Ascension, as we study the History Channels “The Real Face of Jesus”.  This 15 minutes version of a longer piece shows how science and computer expertise were combined to make a factual face likeness of the image that is embedded in the Shroud of Turin.  Teens…

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DEVOTIONAL revenge loyalty

“Jana Can’t Quite Help Herself” – Devotional on Revenge, Losing Friends & Loyalty

As the kids are getting ready to head back to school, they are going to encounter some common situations faced by everyone when growing up, and those are issues with friends, fitting in, cliques, etc.  In today’s devotional, we are talking about losing friends, and the feelings of revenge and loyalty that go along with…

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peer pressure honesty

Rachel Gets Too Much Back – A Lesson about Honesty, Peer Pressure and Stealing

With the new school year set to start in the next couple of weeks, kids will be faced with many situations related to peer pressure and honesty.  Share this lesson with your children, so it may help them make the right choices when they are faced with these difficult and uncomfortable situations! Rachel Gets Too…

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peer pressure 3 teen sunday school lesson

Peer Pressure Mile with a Smile; Ten Ways Not to Get Rattled

Statistically 97% of students sixth grade and above find themselves in social pressure cookers.  Peer pressure is a situation that EVERY child finds themselves in at least once.  In today’s article, we explore scenarios and responses that kids can give to avoid embarassing or “taunting” situations.  In other words, how to handle the “Peer Pressure…

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Peer Pressure Mile

Walking the Peer Pressure Mile (Without Falling on Your Face)

It’s important to prepare students for facing peer pressure, which today causes more anxiety in middle and high school students than bad grades and even family problems. In this lesson, kids will “walk the Peer Pressure Mile,” an assimilation of the pressures they may feel related to these activities. However, it may dredge up some…

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