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I’m always on the look out for fun Sunday School Crafts that don’t break the bank. Here are a collection of some of my favorite bible-based craft projects! If you have any crafts you would like to share with our community, leave a comment in the box below each post. I’d love to hear from you!

homemade submarine science project

Make A Homemade Submarine – Science Project

Most kids know that that objects placed in water will either float or sink depending on the density of the object. This science project will remind us that the density of our spiritual life can keep us from sinking into loss of our faith in Christ. Material • Empty plastic water bottle • Baking powder • Scissors…

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bird in a cage science experiment

“Bird in a Cage” – A Science Experiment about Freedom

In this science experiment, we’ll show that even though we might feel trapped or things might seem difficult, we are actually free in Jesus! Discussing how the little bird is free even though he looks caged is a great chance to ask children where they feel caged and where Jesus makes them free. Materials •…

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12 patriotic activity ideas 2

12 Patriotic Activity Ideas for Kids!

Check out our favorite top 12 Patriotic Activity Ideas for Kids!  From paper crafts and science experiments to snacks and games, there is sure to be an activity idea that any child is sure to love!   Patriotic Craft: Paper Roll Rockets & Firecrackers Fire rockets and fireworks are a huge part of celebrating past battles won. They…

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patriotic craft firecrackers

Patriotic Craft: Paper Roll Rockets & Firecrackers

Fire rockets and fireworks are a huge part of celebrating past battles won. They also work well to remind children that celebrations mean great sacrifices have been made…and that God often helps us to work hard and earn our right to celebrate! Materials • Empty toilet-paper or paper towel rolls, one or two for each student…

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i love you this much craft 2

I Love You “This Much” Handprint Card

“It is a wise father that knows his own child.” – William Shakespeare Most every kid really loves Dad. God gave us dads so that we have ways to know what God is like. In this super sweet Father’s Day Craft, children can create a homemade card and gift that shows dad just how much…

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we love you to pieces father's day craft

We Love You to Pieces (Father’s Day Craft)

Some pastors and important Christians say that God gave us dads to help us know a little more about him!  Give Dad this yummy and creative Father’s Day Craft treat to show your love and gratitude for all that he does for you and your family! Looking for more great Father’s Day Ideas?  Check out the Fathers Day…

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homemade patriotic pinwheels

Homemade Patriotic Pinwheels

If you want a little celebration, this is the perfect time of year for patriotic pinwheels! They’re easy, fun, and give you a chance to talk to your cihldren about why we really still do live in a Christian nation…and what they need to do to keep it that way. Warning for small children: Pushpins…

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flag day craft 3d stars

Romans 13 & How to make 3-D Stars to show your Patriotism!

Since children are so enamored by anything 3-D, here’s a 3-D patriotic star you can help them make as a Flag Day craft. Flag Day is celebrated Friday, June 14th and can be part of your lesson on the Sunday preceding or following. Used with Romans 13, it makes a great lesson in why it’s important…

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