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Children’s Church Activities are sometimes hard to find, especially if you have a wide range of ages attending your class. Here are some of my favorites. Feel free to integrate them into your own Program. And if you have any suggestions, feedback, or ideas you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments box below each post!

gods blessings summer craft

“God’s Blessings” – A Summer Snack with a special message!

Serve one ice-cold summer snack to each child in honor of the weeks to come. Then send four more home with a note of hope for lots of growth during summer warm weather. Moms will appreciate it, and kids will think of God’s blessing of summer each time they reach for their ice-cold refreshment! Materials…

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memorial day game

Memorial Day Game: Remember This!

This Memorial Day game will help children learn the importance of remembrance. It will also teach them that kindness and justice will live on in people’s minds longer than evil ever will. Materials • Hershey Kisses • Black Permanent Marker Object Children will test their memories as they compete to see who can make the most pairs! Preparation For…

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bible game helping hands 2

“Helping Hands” Bible Game – Remembering Kindness & Giving Thanks

This Bible game will help children learn about thanking veterans. They will begin to understand how important it is to remember a kindness someone does for them, and they will learn about lending their own helping hands. Object Children will work as a team to help one teammate stay standing. Introduction Memorial Day is a day we take the…

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bible game waiting patience

A Bible Game about Patience & Faith: “The Waiting Game”

This Bible game will help children realize the need for patience and faith. They will begin to understand that Jesus is coming back, just like he did before. They’ll get a precious view of how we must always be ready for this day, because we never  know the exact moment it will happen. Materials • Average-size ball…

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15 ideas for the perfect mother's day gift

15 Ideas for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

We have put together a list of 15 of our favorite Mother’s Day Gift and Activity ideas for you to share with your friends and family this Mother’s Day!  From beautiful crafts to fun and silly games, yummy snack to challenges and lessons that will touch deep into everyone’s hearts, you are sure to find…

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mothers day game perfect mom

Mother’s Day Game: The Perfect Mom

This hilarious Mother’s Day game–of taping a human body with as many slips of paper as possible–will help students learn to appreciate and thank their mothers not just on Mother’s Day but every other day as well. They will learn what a makes the “perfect” mom and how they can truly thank her. Materials •…

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cupcake liner flowers 2

Cupcake Liner Flowers – A Craft To Show Mom Our Love!

If you are looking for a new craft idea for mom this Mothers Day, check out these Cupcake Liner Flowers! You can make them in any of the many cupcake liner designs you can find in so many stores today – and they are often an inexpensive supply! Materials: • Colored cupcake liners. Most printed…

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queen for a day mothers day cupackes2

“Queen for a Day Cupcakes” for Mothers Day

All kids can whip up a card on Mothers Day. But just a little bit of effort can show Mom that she is truly “Queen for a day” by giving her the royal treatment when you create these decorated cupcakes. Material • Yellow construction paper • Scissors • Pencil • Can of white frosting •…

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