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easter activities Collage final2

Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love!

Check out this round up of awesome Easter activities that your kids are sure to love!  From crafts and snack to science experiments and games, these Easter activities will help reinforce the reason that we celebrate the Easter holiday!  Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love! “He Is Risen” & a Chalkboard Easter Egg Craft In…

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shamrock pretzels st patrick's day snack

Shamrock Pretzels (St. Patrick’s Day Snack)

This three-leaf clover will give kids an opportunity to explain the concept of the Trinity on St. Patrick’s Day, using the three leaves to symbolize the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It involves dipping pretzels in warm, melted morsels, so it’s probably best to demonstrate or make at home, but kids will love the taste, the…

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rainbow jello spring bible snack

Rainbow Jello Bible Snack & A Lesson in God’s Faithfulness

Kids love rainbows, and they’ll be seeing many of them in spring and summer.  They’ll also love this rainbow Jello Bible snack, and serving it will give you a chance to discuss God’s covenant with a rainbow and how it relates to all that grows in the springtime. Rainbow Jello Bible Snack & A Lesson…

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presidents day snack sundaes

Presidents Day Snack: Patriotic Yogurt and Berry Sundaes

Presidents Day Snack: Patriotic Yogurt and Berry Sundaes This healthy and patriotic snack is great for any of the patriotic holidays. On Presidents Day, use it to show layers of respect for elders, authorities and government officials.  Material • Clear plastic cups • Vanilla yogurt • Strawberries • Blueberries (berries can be frozen and thawed) •…

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caribou chocolate donuts bible snack

Caribou Chocolate Donuts (A Cute & Yummy Reindeer Bible Snack!)

Image by via Pinterest   Since kids love to eat donuts in the morning, here’s a perfect Sunday morning Bible snack in keeping with the Holidays. Mini chocolate donuts and a few extras will taste great…and you can tell kids a little about the caribou (how God made it different than any other creature, and how…

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unity and peace thanksgiving snacks

Thanksgiving Snacks: Unity and Peace S’mores

  Image by “…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things…” ~ Philippians 4:8 The first meetings of the Pilgrims and Indians were unified and peaceful, with only the…

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johnny appleseed parable of the sower

The Johnny Appleseed Story & Understanding the Parable of the Sower

Johnny Appleseed is a fond memory for many from when we were growing up. A great American Legend, Johnny Appleseed was a real person. Born John Chapman on September 26, 1774, he was among the American settlers who were captivated by the movement west across the continent. As Johnny Appleseed traveled west, he planted apple trees along the…

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owl-cupcakes bible snack

Food For Thought: Oreo Cookie Owl Cupcakes

Image Source: Pinterest Make your ear attentive to wisdom, Incline your heart to understanding;  For if you cry for discernment, Lift your voice for understanding;  If you seek her as silver and search for her as for hidden treasures;  Then you will discern the fear of the Lord and discover the knowledge of God.  For the Lord gives wisdom;  From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. ~ Proverbs…

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