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Include Bible snacks in your Sunday school lessons, and your students will gain a great understanding of the lesson’s message!

gods blessings summer craft

“God’s Blessings” – A Summer Snack with a special message!

Serve one ice-cold summer snack to each child in honor of the weeks to come. Then send four more home with a note of hope for lots of growth during summer warm weather. Moms will appreciate it, and kids will think of God’s blessing of summer each time they reach for their ice-cold refreshment! Materials…

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banana space ships space themed snack

“Banana Spaceships” Space-Themed Snack

Man landing on the moon was a great achievement. That day, man went off to somewhere so far away that it was impossible to see them or be near them. It’s a little like death in that we can’t see our deceased relatives. However, the men who went to the moon came back, very much…

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15 ideas for the perfect mother's day gift

15 Ideas for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

We have put together a list of 15 of our favorite Mother’s Day Gift and Activity ideas for you to share with your friends and family this Mother’s Day!  From beautiful crafts to fun and silly games, yummy snack to challenges and lessons that will touch deep into everyone’s hearts, you are sure to find…

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queen for a day mothers day cupackes2

“Queen for a Day Cupcakes” for Mothers Day

All kids can whip up a card on Mothers Day. But just a little bit of effort can show Mom that she is truly “Queen for a day” by giving her the royal treatment when you create these decorated cupcakes. Material • Yellow construction paper • Scissors • Pencil • Can of white frosting •…

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easter activities your kids will love

Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love!

Check out this round up of awesome Easter activities that your kids are sure to love!  From crafts and snack to science experiments and games, these Easter activities will help reinforce the reason that we celebrate the Easter holiday!  Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love! “He Is Risen” & a Chalkboard Easter Egg Craft In…

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shamrock pretzels st patrick's day snack

Shamrock Pretzels (St. Patrick’s Day Snack)

This three-leaf clover will give kids an opportunity to explain the concept of the Trinity on St. Patrick’s Day, using the three leaves to symbolize the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It involves dipping pretzels in warm, melted morsels, so it’s probably best to demonstrate or make at home, but kids will love the taste, the…

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rainbow jello spring bible snack

Rainbow Jello Bible Snack & A Lesson in God’s Faithfulness

Kids love rainbows, and they’ll be seeing many of them in spring and summer.  They’ll also love this rainbow Jello Bible snack, and serving it will give you a chance to discuss God’s covenant with a rainbow and how it relates to all that grows in the springtime. Rainbow Jello Bible Snack & A Lesson…

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presidents day snack sundaes

Presidents Day Snack: Patriotic Yogurt and Berry Sundaes

Presidents Day Snack: Patriotic Yogurt and Berry Sundaes This healthy and patriotic snack is great for any of the patriotic holidays. On Presidents Day, use it to show layers of respect for elders, authorities and government officials.  Material • Clear plastic cups • Vanilla yogurt • Strawberries • Blueberries (berries can be frozen and thawed) •…

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