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Bible games to engage your Sunday School class and have more fun with your students!

surface tension science experiment

Mixing Soap & Pepper – A Science Experiment about Surface Tension (and Forgiveness!)

This science experiment will introduce students to the concept of “surface tension.” The pepper is a little like sin in our lives, and chidren will get to see how it behaves when coming in contact with liquid soap. Material • Clear glass bowl • Water • Liquid soap • Black pepper Introduction Colossians 3:13 says to “bear…

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forgiveness bible game

Wash Away the Past – A Bible Game About Forgiveness

This wet-and-wild Bible game will help children learn about the importance of forgiveness. They will also learn that forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, but moving on. You can learn from your experiences on how to be a better person while laughing and getting wet! Materials • Water • One plastic cup per child • Four buckets…

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shrinking bag bible game

“The Shrinking Bag” – A Bible Game About Appreciating Freedom!

This Bible game of the shrinking paper bag will help kids appreciate their freedom, once they play a game that has so many restrictions! Get ready to hear some moaning and groaning…but also some laughing and rejoicing! Materials • A Large Paper Bag • Scissors Object Children will try to pick up a paper bag –…

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12 patriotic activity ideas 2

12 Patriotic Activity Ideas for Kids!

Check out our favorite top 12 Patriotic Activity Ideas for Kids!  From paper crafts and science experiments to snacks and games, there is sure to be an activity idea that any child is sure to love!   Patriotic Craft: Paper Roll Rockets & Firecrackers Fire rockets and fireworks are a huge part of celebrating past battles won. They…

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slow race summer bible game

Summer Bible Game: Slow Race to the Finish Line

A relay is great to help celebrate the start of summer!  This summer Bible game will help kids blow off steam, while also providing a great look at how God will always follow through with his promises—such as summer after a long, cold, and demanding winter! Materials • Two sleeping bags Object Kids will race to…

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memorial day game

Memorial Day Game: Remember This!

This Memorial Day game will help children learn the importance of remembrance. It will also teach them that kindness and justice will live on in people’s minds longer than evil ever will. Materials • Hershey Kisses • Black Permanent Marker Object Children will test their memories as they compete to see who can make the most pairs! Preparation For…

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bible game helping hands 2

“Helping Hands” Bible Game – Remembering Kindness & Giving Thanks

This Bible game will help children learn about thanking veterans. They will begin to understand how important it is to remember a kindness someone does for them, and they will learn about lending their own helping hands. Object Children will work as a team to help one teammate stay standing. Introduction Memorial Day is a day we take the…

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bible game waiting patience

A Bible Game about Patience & Faith: “The Waiting Game”

This Bible game will help children realize the need for patience and faith. They will begin to understand that Jesus is coming back, just like he did before. They’ll get a precious view of how we must always be ready for this day, because we never  know the exact moment it will happen. Materials • Average-size ball…

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