Children’s Sunday School Lessons – Isaiah & “Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home!”

Children’s Sunday school lessons on Isaiah offer special insights on good fears, bad fears, fear of the Lord, and what that means. Jeremiah and Isaiah don’t include any stories, and the words of the prophets can be sad and even frightening.

Sunday School Lessons on Isaiah

(Teacher words in bold.)

How many of you have ever acted up when your mom was around? How many of you have heard her say, “Wait ‘til your dad gets home!”

How scary is that?

Let them discuss; some might not have fathers but can bring up equivalents, such as their mom is the scary one or a grandparent.

Traditionally, the father has been the one to “inspire the most good behavior” in kids because— while they love him lots, kids fear what Dad will say or do if he finds out.

Do you LOVE your dads? Yes. Do you FEAR your dads? Even kids without dads will instinctively understand this in concept, and most will say yes.

It’s no different with God. He loves us even more than our parents do. But He is more than willing to correct us when we do wrong things, and that is simply the facts.

Jesus said, Do not fear those who can harm the body. Fear God. Let’s look at what we mean by “fear” when we say “fear God.”

Fear can be a very good thing. When you see something on fire, fear tells you to back away so you won’t get burned. When you see fast cars coming, fear tells you not to cross the street just then. At the right moments, fear can keep you from getting seriously hurt.

What are some other times that fear is a good thing?
Allow them to think up other examples.
Prompts: Don’t walk on the ice; don’t swim in rough seas;

Fear that protects you is good.

Fear can also be a not-so-good thing. If someone tells you to do something you know is wrong, and you fear saying no, then your fear has brought you a real problem.

You should not fear what people can do to you, whether it’s laughing at you or teasing you or something worse. You should not fear people who threaten you. You should not fear people who bully you enough to go along with them.

Fear that protects you is good. Fear that gets to you do wrong things is bad.

When we fear what people can do, we need to rely on God to lead us step by step in the right path.

What might Isaiah have meant when he said to fear the Lord? Do we want to run away from God and be afraid to pray to him? No; let them answer in their various ways.

God is our heavenly… what? Father

Do you fear your dad when you do something wrong? Do you love your dad? Does fear of Dad make you love him any less?

Fear fire. Fear Mom and Dad. And in the same way you fear Mom and Dad…

Fear the Lord. There’s only one difference: God loves you even more.


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