Bible Study Activities – Surfer “trust” Bracelets

These Bible study activities work well with any Bible story having to do with water and storms:  Jesus walking on water, Jonah getting swallowed by the whale, baptisms, Paul in the storm at sea to name a few.

All “water” stories inevitably point to our need to be in God’s will and to trust in him.  A trust bracelet, much like those worn by surfers on ankles or wrists, remind us that we need to trust in God and do His will.

Bible Study Activity: Surfer “trust” Bracelets

•Embroidery thread that comes six strands to a length, varying bright colors, three for each student
•Large embroidery needle, big enough to thread a 6-strand length of thread
•Needle threader if your eyes are not good enough to thread a needle
•Beads that fit over embroidery threads
•Twine (for boys who might not want to wear threads)
•Small beads that will fit over one series of six strands

•Or:  Friendship bracelet “packs,” containing enough thread for one class, can be purchased at craft stores in children’s crafts for around $5

Before Class:
1.cut strands in 12-inch sections, three strands for each student
2.thread needle and place beads on the one of the three strands for each student, one inch apart, leaving the first and last three inches of the strand bare

1.Give students two strands of the plain lengths and one strand of the beaded lengths
2.Give any boys who don’t want the colors two strands of plain twine and one strand of beaded twine

Each student should
3.tie all three strands in a knot leaving a three inch tail
4.braid the three strands until they have braided far enough for it to fit around their wrists or ankles
5.NOTE:  they may need to pair off and take turns; one student holding the end tightly while the other student braids, then switch jobs.
6.tie off the end with another knot.
7.cut off remainder of second tail with scizzors so it is only three inches long.

You can tie the bracelets on them using either a bow tying knot for sneakers or a box knot.  This craft activity will work for Sunday school classes also.


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